Clinic Staff


Staff Photo (Left to Right)
Back Row - Dr. Robert Worthy, Alicia Lawrensen, Heather Giff, NP Mary-Anne Hamel, Sharon Heyman, Katie Christensen, Cynthia Giff, Dr. Ben Stobo
Front Row - Susan Jansman, Tabatha Silk, Judy Fielding, Evelyn Knapp, 
Jeannie Shaver-Tighe


Dr. Ben Stobo & Dr. Robert Worthy - Family Physicians  
Dr. Stobo and Dr. Worthy are Family Medicine physician. They practice a scheduling model called Advanced Access in the office, so that patients have timely access to care. The physicians also provides after hour clinics on the Thursday evening clinic.


Cynthia Giff & Mary-Anne Hamel -  Nurse Practitioners

Nurse Practitioners (NP) provide episodic health care to patients of all ages independently and in collaborative consultation with physicians, when required. They monitor chronic disease and can order tests for preventative care. They provide health promotion teaching. The NP’s provide access to after hour clinics on the Tuesday evening.


Judy E. Fielding - Executive Director

Responsible for the overall operation of the team which includes our facility, communication with the Ministry of Health regarding our service plan and budget, manages Human Resources and our office practices. She oversees Quality Improvement initiatives, our Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and is the Privacy Officer for the team.


Susan Jansman & Alicia Lawrenson - Registered Nurses

Provides patient triage and health teaching by telephone and in person, administers immunizations and injections, assists with ordering of tests, informs patients of results, provides care for patients with chronic diseases, corresponds with pharmacies and CCAC for the providers.


Evelyn Knapp - Registered Practical Nurse

Prepares patients for their visits by taking a brief history, vital signs (BP, temperature, weight, etc.), assists with patient care as required, monitors and orders the medical supplies.


Heather Giff - Health Educator  

Provides health promotion and prevention education for patients to prevent and manage chronic conditions such as diabetes and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Connects patients to services and resources in the community as well as provides in house education and support for healthy lifestyle choices such as physical activity, smoking cessation.


Sara deJong - Clerical 

Provides support in both clerical and financial accounting duties for the team; overseeing the IT operations for the team.

Jeannie Shaver-Tighe - Patient Services 
Patient referrals to medical specialists, assist patients with forms and reports, transfer of medical records, correspondence with insurance companies, WSIB paperwork, Ministry of Health, Private and WSIB billings. Scans patient record information into the EMR.

Katie Christensen & Sharon Heyman - Receptionists
Answer all incoming phone calls, book appointments, take appropriate medical information and forward calls to Family Health Team personnel as required.  Scans patient record information in the EMR.



 Dianne - LifeLabs Technicians
LifeLabs has a satellite office right in our clinic; the lab personnel are not staff of the Athens Family Health Team. This valuable service for lab testing and ECG's eliminates the need for patients to travel outside the community of Athens.