Uninsured Services & Extended Coverage Plan

In order to maintain the highest possible standard of care, it is our office policy to charge for uninsured services in accordance with the guidelines recommended by the Ontario Medical Association. While you can choose to pay for individual uninsured services on a "Pay-Per-Service" basis, we recommend that you consider our Extended Coverage Plan. If you sign up, you would be covered for an entire year of use of the most common uninsured services including Driver's Medical, telephone advice, travel advice, uninsured vaccinations, sick notes, etc.

In an effort to be fair to our patients, we have set rates for Extended Coverage below the average rates charged by other family doctors. We encourage you to sign up for our plan - it will save you the inconvenience of dealing with bills for individual services and, more importantly, it will significantly reduce your costs.

To receive Extended Coverage, please ask for our Patient Registration Form and complete same and return to our front reception desk.   If you have any questions or would like further details about our Extended Coverage plan please call our Patient Services (613) 924-2623 ext. 256. 

Uninsured Services Pricing: 
Sick Note $17.00
Missed Routine Appointment (one per year) $60.00
Missed Physical (one per year) $118.92
TB Skin Test $44.48
Transfer of Medical Records       $30.00
School/Camp Forms $25.00
3rd Party Physical & Form (drivers/work) $120.00
Revenue Canada Federal Disability Tax Credit $43.20
EI Disability/Maternity Certificate $15.00
Travel Immunization Advice $32.35
Travel Cancellation Form $40.00
Prescription/Note for Massage/Chiropractor $25.00
Prescription/Note for Physiotherapy/Chiropody/Orthotic $25.00
Other Forms not Covered by OHIP  (Range of $25.00 to $150.00) $25.00 to $150.00
Wart Removal* (per lesion/wart)  +$11.05 each $20.00 
Uninsured Travel & Immunization Vaccination ($25.00 per injection) $25.00
Third Party Physical & Form (Drivers/Work) $120.00
*skin lesions removed for cosmetic reasons only are not covered by OHIP or the extended coverage plan. Please call patient services - 613-924-2623 ext.256 for details.

HST not included in pricing, and may be applicable on the above.  Receipts for any services above can be issues for Income Tax Purposes. 

Weblink Canada Revenue Agency eligible medical expenses below: